Gratitude from our patients and for our patients.

“During and after treatment, my stress melted away; everything in my body shifted, I felt more solid and grounded, steadier of mind and movement, and I experienced deeper and more restful sleep! By the next day, I would be feeling mentally rested and physically fit again.” - Mariana M.

“I love Isabelle. She takes her time to listen and gives great advice on proper nutrition for the body and skincare. She also gives great advice on exercise too. Isabelle is more than just acupuncture, she is about the health and healing of the entire body.” - Kim P.

“....She suggested acupuncture, which I tried for the first time this morning, (with Isabelle, same location), and I slept! Ah, such bliss. I was nervous to try naturopathic medicine, and very leery of acupuncture, but I'm convinced. Highly recommend.” - Toni S.

“One of things I really appreciated about working with Isabelle is her skillful ability to partner with me. She would provide me with enough information to allow me to focus on the intention of the treatment. I found this to be extremely helpful to me in my personal and spiritual development.” - Anya B.

“I hadn’t been sleeping well when I first started treatments this fall. Isabelle quickly addressed that matter and I’ve been sleeping well ever since!” - Dana S.

“Without an exception, I found Isabelle’s treatments to be uplifting and empowering on a body, mind and spirit level.” - Dana S.

“For me, I have learned that acupuncture is such an amazing way to treat the whole person and I am so grateful that I’ve been able to experience this incredible gift with Isabelle.” - Heather W.

“Thank you for a very effective treatment. I found talking to you, inspiring and your care quite intent, expansive and compassionate.” - Sue M.

”For most of my life I have had a phobia of needles and in some cases I fainted. Isabelle Davidowitz helped me get over my fear of needles and i wish I had tried acupuncture 30 years ago.” - Vanessa R.