What is Facial Cupping?


Facial cups are small and come in various shapes especially designed for your face are gentle and non-marking. Facial cupping increases local circulation to the skin, drawing nutrients to the muscles and skin, stimulates collagen production and allows for toxins to be carried away via the veins and the lymphatic system. Facial cupping helps to eliminate dark circles and puffiness.  

Restore your natural beauty with facial cupping.  We carefully place specially crafted non-marking suction cups to your facial skin to increase circulation, draw nutrients to your tissues, stimulate collagen production and eliminate built-up toxins.  We’ll help you improve those dark circles or puffy eyes so you can look as energetic as you feel. Facial cupping is suited to all types of skin types, and patients enjoy how radiant their skin looks and feels after one single session at Points of Wellness.

Invigorate your skin and muscles with a facial cupping session from Points of Wellness. Facial cupping is a safe, effective treatment where we use suction cups to stimulate blood flow into your face.

Patients enjoy reduced muscle tension, plumper looking skin, and fewer dark circles or fatigue after a single session.

Isabelle Davidowitz